Devpad 4.27


Devpad allows you to export:

- content of file as Wordpress post

- file into ZIP archive

- file as Flow Document *.xaml
- file as Rich Text *.rtf

- file as a content of *.html file


1. Exporting to Wordpress

If you have the Wordpress account you can easily add new post to your blog

a. Open Devpad


b. Create new txt file. Next write the content of the post.

c. Click the menu "File", put mouse pointer on "Export" then click "Wordpress"


d. Fill the dialog window and press "OK" to add post


If everything is fine you'll get the message:


And here is your post:


2. Exporting to Archive

You can export file into a ZIP archive.

3. Exporting to Image(in Devpad 4.30)

4. Exporting to FlowDocument

You can export file as Flow Document *.xaml.

5. Exporting to Rich Text

You can export file as Rich Text *.rtf.

6. Exporting to Webpage

You can export file as a content of *.html file.

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