Devpad 4.27

1. Creating new file

From menu "File" click "New". The "New File" window will appear.


To create new file choose language from left section then file extension from right section, change the name of the file and press "OK" button.

You can do this also by clicking on "New" icon on "Toolbar" or press Ctrl + N.

2. Opening file

Devpad allows you to open miscellaneous types of files. Supported types listed below:

- ASM (*.asm)

- ASP.Net (*.aspx)

- Boo (*.boo)

- C# (*.cs)

- C++ (*.cpp, *.h)

- Html (*.htm, *.html)

- Java (*.java)

- Javascript (*.js)

- Php (*.php)

- VB.Net (*.vb)

- Xml (*.duo, *.d2d, *.xml)

- SQL (*.sql)

- CSS (*.css)

- Python (*.py)

- Misc (*.bat, *.gml, *.ini, *.txt )

3. Saving files


4. Printing


5. Closing files


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